Wednesday, 6th April, 2022
Excited that we are today going to the Grand Prix again, following the cancellation of the event in 2020. 
Made our way to the airport, arriving at around 01:30pm for a 03:00pm departure. That's when the fun began.
The first we knew there was going to be a delay was when we were watching as the baggage crew were loading the plane. While they were in their due process, throwing luggage on to the belt, a crew member told them to stop. They then moved the baggage trolley back to the start gate.
Then came the first delay announcement.........
Eventually we boarded at around 09:15pm. Yep, about an 8 hour delay.
Needless to say we missed our 07:00pm show in Melbourne
Arrived at our magnificent accommodation overlooking the Yarra from the 46th floor on Southbank, where we have stayed before, and pretty much fell into bed around 12:30am
Thursday, 7th April, 2022
Breakfast at the Casino eatery, which is common ground now, and out to the track by around 10:30am. Just three of us at this stage, as the ladies ventured off to do some "essential" shopping.
Up into the Prost stand, our home for the next 4 days at track. Though the seats we found to be ours appeared to not really be ours.... 
They had signed the stand incorrectly and inadvertantly the seats were all mixed up. Thankfully by the next morning they were corrected and in all honestly most people were none the wiser.
Anyway, we watched a couple of segments, the Porsche series and the Supercars, then off for our first beer. What? It was 11:30am!!
Did a little bit of wandering and headed off around 03:45pm as we had a show to get ready for.
Oh, that's right, I didn't mention. While at the airport the day before and during the many hours of waiting, we decided to get tickets for the same show that we were about to miss on Wednesday night, for Thurday night. make sense? The only difference was that now we booked for six instead of four.
Dinner at one of our faourite places "Brunetti" and then off to see Hamilton. No, not Sir Lewis. The stage show Hamilton, based on the life of Alexander Hamilton. Haven't seen it? Either take in the show or watch the New York stage production on the Disney channel. Well worth it.

Friday, 8th April, 2022
Breakfast, usual spot, and 4 of us out to the track. The other two had more "essential" shopping to do. They did join us by around midday at the track.
I haven't spoken about access to the track as yet.
The tram ride: Not so bad. A little busy and scarily close quarters, however, everyone with masks and in good spirits. all good right! Quick trip into gate 1 on day 1 and gate 10 on day 2. gate 1 right on track, so not much of a walk to get in to the precinct. Gate 10, quite a walk to actual entry into the precinct from the tram stop, however, the walk to the stand was a lot shorter. All in all, not much difference in time spent walking.
Getting in through the gate: a little more complicated than first imagined and I am guessing they may have had to lighten up on the following busier days as it was a little bit of fuss. Had to download the Services Victoria app so we could scan in, then find our vaccination certificates on the Services NSW app, then show these to old mate on the gate, then move to next person to scan tickets, then move to bag check. Hmmm, times this by about 110k people on the next day.....
Bag Check: security. I carry a fairly big backpack. It has a compartment for food etc, and a compartment that holds all my camera gear. On both days, two different old mates, I open up the top compartment which holds the food etc, they don't even look in and say "thank you". Me, not satisfied with that, as I could have anything in this bag, proceed to say "do you want to check the other compartment, it has a lot of gear in it?".... old mates "no, all good"
We went for a wander after FP1 (tha's Free Pactice 1 for those non race goers) and met up with the other 3 to our group who had arrived that day. We are now complete, a group of 9. Love it!
Four of us went to purchase some F1 team merchandise. well it's the right thing to do right? One shirt, SOLD OUT. It's only Friday. I love how the local community gets behind their teams and favourite stars. The sporting fans of Australia have certainly missed this vibe. Oh well thankfully there is another merchandise tent just near our accommodation, very convenient. Off to the 2nd team mechandise tent to nuy that ever popular McLaren Merchandise. We need to support Daniel right?
All in all another great day at the event which we thouroughly enjoy, especially with great friends.

Saturday, 9th April, 2022
Oh dear. Woke up not feeling the best. Headache, not unusual, burning behind the eyes, a bit of a sore throat. Not looking too good, especially after our tram rides where we, as my good friend so eloquently put it, were rubbing our pee pees against others on the packed trams.
We decided to play it safe for everyone else and our contigency and sit out Saturday at the track.
Disappointing? Yes. The safety of others and ourselves were the order of the day though.
The view from our accommodation is just brilliant, so spent a little time taking some photos, as you do.

Sunday, 10th April, 2022
Feeling worse than yesterday. Those we are staying with and ourselves have been all masked up since yeaterday morning, trying desparately not to infect others, if in fact, we do have some form of dreaded lurgy.
So race day spent in the accommodation, instead of on the track. Is what it is. Felt pretty lousy actually, and even as the helicopters glided past our floor on the way to their helipad, I couldn't be bothered to get the camera out. Anyone who knows me, knows that's just not right.
Everyone enjoyed the race, which I am most thankful for and Ferrari won, for which I even more thankful for. FORSA FERRARI!!

Monday, 11th April, 2022
Thankfully, the airlines were on time and we caught our 01:30pm flight and were walking in our door at around 04:30pm.
Unpacked, and then we thought, well, we had better see what beholds us. The Rapid Antigen Test lit up like a Christmas tree. Convincingly positive. Not too surprisingly or enexpected.
Registered the positive result online and proceeded to advise my employer that I won't be in for another week. I am very fortunate to work with a very understanding group of people.
And that my friends is my account of this years' 2022 F1 Melbourne Grand Prix. Another spectacular event with some brilliant world record breaking attendance numbers.
Of course we would not have had the fun we did without the beatuiful people we so proudly call our friends.
all the very best
Andrew Williams
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